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Friday, August 13, 2010

check out these 2 sites:

they are both cool, you can map out your walk or ride, see how hilly it is and how far you go

it's back...

I got my bike back yesterday, so I took it for a ride this morning, just around the neighborhood. I went 4.55 miles, my average speed was 10.1 mph and my maximun speed was 19.2 mph (of course that was going downhill). I could have went faster then that but with all the breaks in the road I didn't want to hit another car pulling off of a side street. That wouldn't have been a pretty sight at all.
Yay...I wanted to go further but my legs were tired after not riding for so long. How easy it is to get out of good exercise habits.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I miss my bike...

it is getting fixed, but should be back by the end of this week, I haven't ridden in a while, I am looking forward to riding it again. I love taking it out on the trail over by the canal, so quiet and shady there, unless someone happens to be out walking their giant dog and he snarls and tries to lunge for you as you go by....but that is another story, for another day.

I will post a picture of my bike as soon as I get it back...I know you are all dying to see a picture. :)

oh dear....

Well it has been a few days, and truthfully I have only walked twice since I started tracking on July 31st. Things have been a little hectic with my job and stuff but all the summer work is winding down to a close before I start up at the school again. So I have a good 3 weeks to really get moving.

I have a goal for the month of August to walk a honestly I think that is kind of a puny goal, but I figure if I am going to beat it next month I better start out smaller, and the month is almost halfway gone.
So my goal for the rest of the month is to walk 26 miles...that is the length of a marathon right? Maybe I better actually google that and check it out before I go spouting off. LOL

Saturday, July 31, 2010

one more...

here is one more really cool site, it is called map my walk, you can choose either the free version or you can pay a small monthly fee to join. You can basically map out where  you want to walk and it will give you the miles, the degree of the hills and all sorts of stuff. They also have a site called map my ride for biking as well.
map my walk
map my ride

I want these!

ok, these are one of the first things on my list to get...I want them so bad. My brother-in-law has a pair, and I must confess I always thought they looked kind of creepy but,I tried a pair on the other day and they were super comfortable. They are perfect for all sorts of fitness activities. I thought they would feel weird, but they were so comfy, I can't wait to order mine!
Vibram Five Fingers

Back again....

Well here I am again, with a blog. This time though it is not for arts and crafts, I have decided to dedicate this one entirely to myself, the new healthier me that I am in the process of becoming. Along this journey that seems to be taking a while to get off the ground I hope to become healthier through diet and exercise...mainly walking and cycling.
I don't know if anyone will even read this, it may not prove to be very interesting, this is mainly for me. I like to document things. But I will post and comment about what helps, what doesn't. Maybe some new recipes, or any tips, ideas or products that I discover along the way.
I also hope to share some great success stories with you as I lose weight and become more healthy.

So if anyone is there and wants to come along for the ride or you want to get healthy too...join me.